As FRACHTbahn, we are your reliable partner for rail transport services and proudly position ourselves as a traction provider by supplying locomotives along with experienced locomotive drivers. Our unique selling point lies in our additional forwarding services, which set us apart from other providers. We enable not only cross-border transport but also operate in all product segments (e.g., cars, chemical and petrochemical industry, building materials, raw materials, steel, intermodal, agricultural products, etc.) and understand their specific needs. As FRACHTbahn, we therefore offer you comprehensive and continuous transport solutions that make full use of the advantages of rail. Our flexibility, transparency, and strong customer orientation ensure that we precisely meet your needs. Our versatile range of services is designed to meet diverse customer requirements.

With our own licenses in Austria and Germany, as well as partnerships in other countries, we responsibly take over the overall coordination of your transports. With us, you’ll find a direct and reliable point of contact for all your transportation needs, where the loading and unloading of goods can be flexibly carried out by third-party providers or by yourself. Choose FRACHTbahn as your partner to benefit from a smooth and efficient transportation solution.

Ad-hoc Traffic

Discover the flexibility and efficiency of spot transportation with FRACHTbahn for your unique needs. Our tailor-made solutions in the field of short-term freight transport stand for speed and adaptability. We are convinced that through our solution-oriented approach, our crystal-clear transparency, our flat hierarchy, and our tireless pursuit of the highest execution quality, we will gain not only your freight but also your trust. Let’s start a partnership that grows stronger with each transport.

Long-term Contracts

We have succeeded in gaining the trust of renowned, publicly traded industrial clients and establishing long-term contracts with them. Furthermore, we maintain loyal annual pacts with a majority of our customers, based on mutual trust and flexibility, with or without the commitment to minimum purchase quantities. Our customers commit to using our first-class services as needed. This model of mutual trust confirms the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our partners.

Wagon Masters

With our own wagon masters, we can ensure the high-quality standards and transport services required. In case of need, “minor repairs” can be carried out on site.

Furthermore, we are pleased to offer the services of our wagon masters (wagon technical inspection). Ad hoc orders are possible at any time and will be carried out depending on availability.

Range of Services with our Partners

Cooperation with Partners

FRACHTbahn promotes cross-border rail transports with through-running locomotives. This is carried out both in our own production area and in collaboration with partners outside FRACHTbahn’s service area.

„Last-Mile“ Delivery

FRACHTbahn, together with its partners, ensures seamless “last mile” deliveries by using diesel locomotives on non-electrified routes and offers continuous transport solutions across much of Europe.

Locomotives and Wagons

FRACHTbahn also offers the mere use of our locomotives, as well as locomotive drivers for third parties.
The wagons are provided as needed by partners or by the customers themselves.

Our Network

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